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Best Android Games in – [2022]

best Android games in [2022]

On your Android phone or tablet, there are many excellent games available in the market. The Android platform has a wide variety of games, including indie hits, vintage oldies, and even Nintendo-published originals. In actuality, there are certain Android games that are on par with high-end PC and console games. Therefore, to make it easier for you to find the best games to play, we’ve chosen fantastic games from across all genres.

Subscription services make it simpler than ever to identify the gems that give you the most value for your money. You can access hundreds of games and apps with no in-app purchases for $4.99 per month with the Google Play Pass. With one inexpensive subscription, the comparably cost GameClub brings back old-school mobile gaming. Visit Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for an outstanding cloud gaming experience on Android.

The majority of mobile hardware designed for gaming is Android-compatible thanks to Google’s willingness to licence Android to more partners. Despite the fact that we value experimenting, this results in numerous initiatives that are unsuccessful. 

Do you remember the Razer Phone? A few years may be all it takes for Google’s own gaming initiatives to fail. The virtual reality headset that allowed you to use your Android phone was Google Cardboard, which was later discontinued. In 2023, android games Google will discontinue its struggling Stadia cloud streaming service and provide customers a full refund. Similarly to Apple’s iOS mobile platform, Android is full of gimmicky money grabs and worthless garbage.

Despite this, none of it diminishes Android games position as a significant gaming platform. Whether you want to swipe through a light card game or purchase a full-on mobile controller for serious gaming, Android has a wide range of options. Spend some money on entertainment for your phone that isn’t Twitter drama. These top-notch Android mobile games are worth checking out as you scroll down. You can browse a different list of the best Android apps if gaming isn’t your thing or if you’re more of a productivity person.

The Stardew Valley – [Android Games]

A contemporary indie classic, Stardew Valley is a tranquil yet effective blend of farming, life simulation, and casual RPG elements. You want a game on your phone that involves checking in on your farm every day for a short period of time. Additionally, you can romance these good-hearted video game country people if your real dating app becomes too depressing.

Spaceteam – [Android Games]

Since every person has a phone with them, mobile gaming is ideal for impromptu local multiplayer sessions. In Spaceteam, the concept is exploited by giving players the task of yelling Star Trek-style technobabble at one another in order to cooperate and keep their spaceship operational before the clock runs out. A game that is so singularly fantastic wouldn’t be possible on any other platform.

Kids of Light in the Sky – [Android Games]

Three highly regarded independent art games by Thatgamecompany—Flow, Flower, and Journey—helped the company gain recognition. Definitely adhering to that tradition is Children of Light. Holding hands and flying through open, non-linear levels reminiscent of theme parks are central to this family-friendly MMO. It’s both charming and exciting in equal measure. Similar to Journey, you can make connections across continents and languages by using a variety of emotes.

Rocket League Sliding – [ Android Games]

In a frantic multiplayer game for consoles and PCs called Rocket League, soccer, rocket-powered cars, and pool are all combined. Contrarily, Rocket League Sideswipe adapts that addictive concept for the mobile environment. To make the game easier to play on mobile devices, the action is streamlined without losing any of the subtleties that make the full game so captivating. The game’s action is still presented in 2D side-scrolling fashion, but you still shoot, bounce, or nudge a giant soccer ball into your adversary’s goal or hoop. Because of the challenging online 1v1 and 2v2 matches and the intricate ball physics, the gameplay remains deep.

Has reigned: Her Majesty

Reigns uses the casual dating app swiping interface to have users make momentous choices in the role of a mediaeval king or queen. Reigns: Her Majesty substitutes a queen for the king and enhances the writing and management mechanics. There is also a Game of Thrones version, but that version might just make you regret how the show ended.

Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go made our actual world into the world of Pokemon by allowing us to hunt animals in our own backyards. It is a blessed video game, evidence that augmented reality presents a genuinely intriguing new gaming experience. Pokemon Go allows you to participate in the fun even if you are unable to leave the house. For additional advice, see our Pokemon Go guide.


Minecraft’s mobile version wasn’t exactly the same as its PC and console versions when it first came out. The games have since been unified, ironically with new iterations heavily borrowing from the mobile version’s core concepts. Thus, be aware of that as you set up and remove blocks.

 League of Legends

League of Legends: Wild Rift marks the official Android debut of the genre’s biggest name after years of imitative attempts to bring the popular MOBA genre to smartphones. You, your team, and your minions are engaged in a battle to take control of the map with the opposing team while still using traditional tactics. Combat is now even faster and more frantic than before thanks to the more manageable, mobile-friendly battlefield and updated touch controls for movement and spellcasting.

“Hitman Go”

With its stylish, abstract interpretation of his typically realistic killings, Hitman Go takes everyone’s favourite bald video game assassin. You move an Agent 47 game piece around to slay his targets as you progress through levels that resemble traditional board games. Thankfully, the darkly comic approach is still in place, and the simple, elegant style feels fitting for someone who makes a living by conducting cold-blooded assassinations for hire.


The Warcraft series’ versatility Blizzard created World of Warcraft, the MMO to end all MMOs, after revolutionising the real-time strategy genre with its orcs-and-humans battles. Following that, the developer produced Hearthstone, a rich, user-friendly, and utterly addictive digital collectible card game. This company’s apparent inability to make good movies seems to be its sole flaw.

Game of War: The Witcher

The addicting multiplayer card game from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been rebalanced and released on Android as Gwent. You get a wide range of combat and support units because to the intelligent tactics and deck building it mixes. Due to the fact that cards are grouped into factions, in addition to having unique advantages of their own, they can also greatly alter how you play a game by combining those advantages. Even though Gwent is a free game to play, you can pay to purchase card kegs for new units. In addition, by completing objectives, you can earn special currency that you can use to buy new cards.

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